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Packed with Pride List of Items




 Suggested items for Soldiers: 

Food items:

Candy (heat resistant) / gum / Cracker Jacks

Coffee creamer / flavored creamer/chocolate packets

Gator aid- powdered drink mixes pre-sweetened (Kool-aid) or flavored teas

Presweetened drink mix (bottled water size)

Granola bars / fruit bars / dried fruit/ fruit snacks

corn nuts/sunflower seeds/ pumpkin seeds

Beef jerky / Slim Jims

Canned fruit ( pop top cans or plastic cups)

Cereal single size boxes, oatmeal (instant)

Cookies / Little Debbie and Hostess snack cakes

Ravioli pop top cans/ tuna kits / Span

cup of soup/ soup at hand

Chips (lunch size) pretzels / microwave popcorn / crackers

Peanuts / nuts (shelled) trail mix 

Toiletries / Hygiene:

Baby wipes

Deodorant (men and women)

Chapstick / eye drops

Tooth paste / tooth brushes /mouth wash (small plastic bottles)

Feminine hygiene products

Foot powder/white crew socks

Nnail clippers / razors (disposable)

Hand lotion / sun screen

Travel size shampoo

Black hair ties, brown hair ties

Q-tips/ chapstick/anti-biotic ontment


Dental floss


DVD movies

Board games, checkers, chess (all travel size)

Crossword puzzles / magazines (new or used) comics / paper back books

Playing cards

CDs music (any type) /VHS movies /sitcoms / TV specials

Toys / footballs /used baseball mitts / paper airplanes / Slinky / stress ball

Writing paper /pens

Gallon size baggies / sandwich size baggies/quart baggies

Batteries-  double As


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