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Sandi Dusek - recording artist


In My Heart You Are Always Home

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run time 4:07



Packed With Pride,

You have a very nice website and I applaud what you are doing here. 

 I saw it on FOX News.
My name is CDR Dan Dusek and I am in the Navy stationed in San Diego.  My wife is a singer/songwriter living in Nashville, TN.  This year, my wife, Sandi, and I are fortunate enough to be together during the holidays.  During the last 2 years I was home only 120 days because I was deployed on a Navy ship, so we both know how difficult it is to be separated during the holidays.  Preparing (for) the holidays, Sandi was inspired to write a song as a gift for all of the deployed troops and their families.  She wrote and recorded the attached song, "In My Heart You Are Always Home".  These are the words she had engraved on my wedding band just days before I deployed for 9 months.  We are trying to distribute it to as many service members and their families as possible. 

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do and please feel free to share it with as many people as you would like. 

Thank you and happy holidays,

CDR Dan Dusek

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